Secure Your Digital Proof

Securely hand down documents, videos and social media accounts

Your Patient Data at a Glance

Secure with Pia the health data all their patient data that doctors and health insurance companies have stored about you and check them regularly whether everything is correct.

Proof of creditworthiness

Prove creditworthiness in seconds: Our proof of creditworthiness saves costs and nerves when it comes to rental agreements, installment payments, etc. and saves paperwork and a flood of documents.

No More Searching for Passwords

Just use Pia's convenient and secure login services and enjoy many benefits with SMS verification.

Get Out of the Data Trap

Our deletion subscription: Pia regularly deletes your personal data from providers. Decide for yourself who should have what data from you.

,,I am 18"-Proof

For all online offers, but also in stores at the checkout. Your proof of age made easy ,also for price reductions (children, seniors) at events & Co.

The Quick & Easy ID Verification

Just whip out your cell phone and quickly go through each control process to testify, "Yes, it's me!"

Do Your Own Personal Data Check

Get all the data Amazon, Facebook, Google & Co have stored about you with a few clicks and start screen and navi point

Putting an End to the ID Card Chaos

Simply load your ID card, driver's license, vaccination card & Co. into your Pia in just a few minutes. All your IDs conveniently with you in your smartphone - and as a family account also for your children.
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